1. Hello,

    My name is Chip Wells, I am reaching out to you about local farms and state law SB51.

    We purchased a small farm two years ago in Moseley VA which is in Chesterfield County. We are currently raising eggs and poultry which we provide to the local farm market. We also operate an agritourism event which is a haunted trail and barn.

    We are currently going through the process with Chesterfield County to obtain a conditional use permit. The permit will severely limit the number of days, times, types of events, what we can sell, what events we can charge for, etc. If we continue with this process, I only foresee more meetings, more county officials, more oversight, more inspections, more permits and more FEES.

    State law SB51 states a locality cannot require a farm to obtain a special or conditional use permit. We have the right to sell our goods and have the public to our farm for agritourism events.

    Please help us by supporting our small farm and our right to do business.


    Chip Wells
    Pleasant View Farm
    24819 Pear Orchard Road
    Moseley VA, 23120