Thursday, June 19, 2014


The Virginia Liberty Party Board has met and endorses Justin Smith for Chesterfield County Circuit Court Clerk in the July 19, 2014 Republican Primary.

Justin has the formal education, skills and experience to do the job, as mentioned in the Chesterfield Observer:

Smith holds a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies with a minor in law and public policy from the University of Richmond. He works for the state Department of Medical Assistance Services, where he supervises the intake of Medicaid appeals from across Virginia.

Smith joined the department in 2010, working in the appeals division as paralegal to the special assistant attorney general who was assigned to represent the department at formal administrative hearings and during motion hearings before the Richmond Circuit Court.

Not only does he have what it takes to fill the role of Circuit Court Clerk, he is also right on the issues of Constitutional Liberty, as Justin states on his website:

Support the right to carry concealed

As a gun owner, a Concealed Carry Permit holder, and a member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, I support the right to own a gun and carry it concealed.  As Circuit Court Clerk, I will endeavor to see that Concealed Carry Permits are processed and mailed as soon as possible and that any references to the issuance of concealed handgun permits are withheld from public disclosure.


He also wants to bring efficiency and more unity within the Courthouse.

Tell all your friends to share his candidacy with friends through email, on Facebook and other social media.

Also, support and vote for him July 19th 2014. Details of where to vote will be forthcoming on Justin’s website.

Visit Justin Smith's Website Here


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