Friday, May 30, 2014

By Floyd Bayne  - MAY 29, 2014

Well, another day, another mailer full of lies. Must be nice to have all that money to spend to tell people whatever you want them to believe.

In today's editions (there are three of them) we are told how Cantor is fighting for senior citizens and to protect social security, because, of course, that evil Dave Brat wants to take it away from people. *rolling eyes* But the one I want to address is the mailer that tells me that Cantor has "proven conservative leadership." Guys, I can't make this stuff up. Proven? Based on what, his speeches? It sure as hell isn't his voting record.

There is a checklist that asks - What makes a proven leader? Actions, not words. - Good grief, people, the man and his camp are absolutely delusional. Everything they list is so easily researched and found to be wrong that I can not even pretend to be nice to any voter who is too damn lazy to do any homework. The list says that Cantor is "fighting to cut taxes for individuals and small businesses." OK, name one such bill that he has gotten passed. Just one. Go ahead, I'll wait.

It goes on to say that he is "cutting spending and ending 'business as usual' in Washington." OH MY GOD! Seriously?! He is the poster boy for business as usual. But again, name one example of spending being cut that Cantor had anything to do with. With all the money Cantor is spending to send these mailers out you'd think that someone on his staff could find one example they could cite in the mailer, wouldn't you?

It wraps up by telling me that Cantor is "preventing the government's interference between physicians & their patients." I am absolutely flabbergasted. Has he not been reading the news lately? What planet has he been on for the past five years? Again, name one example of his work in this regard. Come on! There has to be someone in the Cantor camp who is reading this on someone's Facebook page. Please, cite just one example of any of these things that he is supposed to have done.

I cannot use the words that I would like to use in describing my thoughts on Eric Cantor, as there may be women or children who could see this, and maybe some men, who don't like strong language. But Eric Cantor's lying, and that of his staff, along with the willing ignorance of his supporters, is simply an amazing thing to observe. What must it be like to have no conscience?


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